Text Box: Membership
 	Our membership is limited to 125 persons.  
 	Individuals interested in joining the Herb Society
 	may be placed on a waiting list until space becomes
 	available.  As a member you are required to attend
 	at least four meetings a year and perform four 
 	hours of service.  Dues are currently $30.00 per 
 	year.  For more information, please see the box 
Text Box: The Herb Society of Greater Cincinnati
Text Box: Heritage Village
Herb Garden

The Herb Society of Greater Cincinnati began
 renovation of the herb 
garden at the Heritage
 Village in Sharon Woods 
during the fall of 2004.  
Research was done in order 
to recreate the garden 
using period plantings.  
The garden is maintained 
by members under the guidance of chairwoman, 
Twyla Deane.


To join the Herb Society, simply click on the box

to the left and print off an Application Form. 

Mail the completed form to:

Eileen Hobbs

 (Address included on the form)

Or email: hobbs.e@zoomtown.com


Text Box: The Herb Garden at Heritage Village in Sharon Woods, 
photographed August 2013

Twyla Deane